Howard Frier: Rapla is a good town for basketball

Howard Frier. Photo: Romualds Vambuts

A father, a coach, a leader and, above all, a great person – Howard Frier is returning with FCR Media/Rapla to seek the Estonia-Latvia league, Baltic league and Estonia championship glory.


How do you feel about playing in Rapla?

We are really excited about this change to Rapla. Obviously, we enjoyed our time in Tallinn. When you think about basketball in countries like Estonia and Latvia, for the most part there is not so much interest in the capital cities. Interest is in smaller towns.


Rapla is a good town for basketball. I think there is gonna be a great atmosphere for our girls. Not only for our team but also for the visiting team to enjoy this atmosphere. We are really excited about this.


Reality is – we all are living in Tallinn. And still make our trainings in Tallinn. And playing our games in Rapla.


In fact, there is nothing extraordinary about it. Cēsis players practiced in Riga for some time, while playing in Cēsis. The 2015 Lithuania champions Utena players lived in Vilnius, while playing in Utena.

Absolutely. It`s the same. I think it`s even better for Latvian teams as Rapla is closer to Latvia (laughs).


FCR Media/Rapla decided to play in the Baltic league (BWBL), not the Eastern European Women`s basketball league (EEWBL) due to the timetable.

Yes, it was to late too apply. We still have to glue. We have similar players and a lot of new players at the same time. Playing in the Baltic league give us a chance to play more games and reach our goal – to grow as a team. We are definitely excited about this opportunity.


It helps as Rando (Reining – FCR Media/Rapla manager) helps to run everything.

Rando makes our job a lot easier. It`s always nice to have a guy like him.


Some of the players – Mailis Pokk, Birgit Piibur, Janet Perv – are in Germany now.

It`s interesting. It looks like we are giving our players to help the German league. It`s a good opportunity for them (Mailis Pokk and Rutronik Stars Keltern won the first EuroCup Women qualiefiers game against KP Brno – This is what you want to see for your players – reaching a new level. We are excited about them but at the same time we are excited about our new players.


A new format, including the Top 4 tournament, starting in January 2017 – does it mean you will try to win as much games as possible in the first round?

It`s always the same for every team. First of all, we focus on ourselves, trying to build a chemistry. Without chemistry you have nothing. It doesn`t matter how much talent on your team is. We focus on building chemistry and growing as a team. Yes, we will try win as much games as possible in the first round. And then we will see what happens.