The fifth season: new format, Final Four in Riga

FCR Media Rapla: a new start

Latvia-Estonia league clubs met for the official press conference and Media day activities on Wednesday, October 5, at Mercure hotel in Riga.




This season will feature 11 clubs from three countries:


FCR Media/Rapla (former Tallinn 1182), Tallinn University, G4S Noorteliiga (former Audentes) and Tartu University from Estonia;


Latvia U16, University of Latvia, TTT Rīga, TTT juniores, Vega 1/Liepāja and RSU from Latvia;


Catz Lappeenranta from Finland (starting from Top 4 tournament in January).


The regular season will see 10 teams playing one full round (9 games for each team). Three best teams will advance to the Top 4 tournament, featuring also Finnish champions Catz Lappeenranta, to play another four rounds (12 games for each team). The two best teams will automatically qualify for the Final Four.


The other seven teams will play two rounds (12 games for each team) to determine two play-off teams. The two best teams will meet two remaining teams from the Top 4 tournament to decide the last two Final Four participants (2 games for each team).


The Final Four will be played on April 8-9, 2017, at Elektrum Olympic Center (OSC) in Riga.


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