Baiba Eglite (Picture: TTT Riga)

It's time to know yet another player and this Tuesday we focus on TTT Riga player Baiba Eglite. She was named as the MVP of November in 2014/2015 season. In the 13 games of this season she has averaged 10.2 points, 2.3 rebounds and 2.6 assists. 

How do you motivate yourself before the games?

Winning is the best motivation, that's why you play, to win and be the best player you can be. And also people at the game motivates me, you always want them to enjoy the game.


What kind of rituals you have before the games?

I usually try eat pasta and chicken on game day, I listen to music and before team warm up I have certain exercises I do


Do you have anything you dislike about basketball?

I don't like injury part of the basketball because that can keep you away from playing and doing your best on court.


In your eyes, what's the difference between men's and women's basketball?

Men's basketball is more athletic, more dunks and better show, but women play with more emotions.


Have you done any other sports besides basketball? 

If folk dancing is considered as sports then I have done that, I did it till 5th class parallel with basketball but then I had to choose either folk dance or basketball, and I chose basketball because I liked it better.


Tell us something about you

My hobbies are brain quizes like "Brain Club" and "Prāta spēles", which are popular in Latvia. And I also like watch TV series "Dexter" and "NCIS"


Tell us something unique that a lot of people don't know about you

I think there is a lot of things that many people don't know about me :) during summer I am organising 3x3 basketball event (Latvian championship and Europian championship qualifiers) in Riga that takes place in front of Freedom Monument and unique thing is that I haven't really played 3x3 basketball only few times when I was a kid.


Do you have anything else you would like to teel your fans?

For our fans-come and watch us play and support us, we really need it! This will be an interesting season with many good games! :) We appreciate everyone who comes to our games!


What would be your favourite breakfast on Sunday morning?

Perfect breakfast would be together with my boyfriend enjoying homemade pancakes with nutella and coffee and episode of "Dexter".
Thank you Baiba for the responses and good luck with the games!