Greeta Üprus in a game against TTT Riga

Today Greeta, a player from Tallinn University, has answered our questions. This season she has played 14 games and has averaged 5.1 points, 2.9 rebounds and and 1.1 assists.



How do you motivate yourself before the games?

I try to think positive thoughts and believe in our team.


What kind of rituals you have before the games?

I don't have any specific rituals. I just try to take one game at a time and focus on that.


Do you have anything you dislike about basketball?

I get a lot of bruises from the games and practices, so it seems like I've been into a fight. Also losing - nobody likes to lose.


In your eyes, what's the difference between men's and women's basketball?

I think men's basketball is more faster and more interesting to watch than women's. They try to show their skills more and offer audience show by dunking, dribbling, effective passes etc. Women's game is more strategic and not so fast.


Have you done any other sports besides basketball? 

I used to dance and swim before elementary school


Tell us something about you

Instagram: greetauprus


Tell us something unique that a lot of people don't know about you

I dye my nails a lot.


What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you ? 

It was in the winter last year, when I went to practice. The weather was sunny, but the ground was icy and sloppy so it was slippery. I tried to avoid the icy spots, so I walked on the parts where was snow. But of course in one step there was ice under the snow and I fell down face forward, and as this weren't enough, the place where I fell was a big puddle, so I was wet from head to toe.


Do you have anything else you would like to teel your fans?

"Nobody should expect more of you than you expect from yourself" - Carmelo Anthony


What would be your favourite breakfast on Sunday morning?

Pancakes with jam
Thank you Greeta, for the answers!