Nordea Basketball League was founded by Estonian and Latvian Basketball Association on 2012/2013 season and was called Estonian-Latvian united league at first.


As of 2013 the League has a sponsor – Nordea and therefore is now named Nordea Basketball League.


Nordea Basketball League is created for the champion league teams’ from Estonia and Latvia.


The purpose of creating the league was to offer clubs more games on higher international level. Through that we hope to increase the popularity of women’s basketball and it’s overall competition level in both countries.


Similar to Baltic League’s ideology participating teams in Nordea Basketball League will get a chance to play high level games in front of bigger crowds and through that give their sponsors more visibility. Increased number of games, tighter competition level and combined efforts in the marketing have already given women’s basketball a strong boost but the synergy of the united league has defenetelly not depleted itself.


2012/2013 season : 12 teams participated (5 from Estonia and 7 from Latvia)


2013/2014 season : 13 teams are participating (5 from Estonia and 8 from Latvia)


SK Cesis, Riga TTT, RSU/Merks and Eclex/1182 where the teams who made it to the Final 4 on the first season. The champion of the 2012/2013 season was SK Cesis.



Estonian Basketball Association

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Latvian Basketball Association

Lasma Zandere


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