Tallinn University roars to Top 6!

Kerttu Jallai. Photo: Argo Luigas

Tallinn University blasted into the Top 6 tournament for the second consecutive year by beating Vega 1/Liepāja 88-62 on Saturday, December 6.


Üllar Kerde`s side raised its record to 7-4 and assured its place in the next round, while Vega 1/Liepāja fell to 4-5.


All time series: 2-2 (this season 1-0).


Stat of the game: Vega 1/Liepāja finished the game with four players left. Sabīne Egle, Marta Mankowska, Marina Ivashchanka and Daiga Līne were fouled out.


Stars of the game: Kerttu Jallai finished with 22 points and 8 rebounds. Guna Lagzdiņa added 14 points and seven rebounds, while Rachel Jones earned her first double-double. She had 11 points and 10 rebounds. Maija Gertsone scored a career high 22 points.


Next games: RSU/Merks vs Vega 1/Liepāja (December 11), Tallinn University vs 1182 Tallinn (December 21, Estonian Cup final in Rakvere).



Qualified: 1182 Tallinn (10-1), TTT Rīga (9-0), SK Cēsis (8-2), Tallinn University (7-4).

Top 12 teams: LU, Latvija U16, AmEst Rapla, Tartu University, Audentes SG/Noortekoondis.


Tallinn University (2-1) : against TTT juniores (91:45), against RSU/Merks (64:70), against Vega 1/Liepāja (88:62).


RSU/Merks (1-0) : against Tallinn University (70:64 on the road), against Liepāja (December 11), against TTT juniores (December 18).


TTT juniores (1-1) : against Tallinn University (45:91 on the road, without leaders), against Liepāja (65:60 on the road), against RSU/Merks (December 18).


Vega 1/Liepāja (0-2) : against TTT juniores (60:65), against Tallinn University (62:88 on the road), against RSU/Merks (December 11).