Annika Köster: I did what I had to do!

Annika Köster. Photo: Andres Raudjalg

 The 1182 Tallinn players collected their first win of the inaugural EEWBL season with a 77-74 overtime victory over the hosts Kibirkštis Vilnius. Annika Köster scored six of her 10 points in the last six minutes of the game.



Congratulations on your first win in the EEWBL! Are you satisfied with the way how you played in Vilnius?

I was really satisfied on Saturday, because of our win. We played really aggressive, especially on defense. I think we were tired on Sunday and I`m not completely satisfied with the outcome. However, we have performed better in Vilnius than in Riga.


What has changed this year after Janet Perv has joined the team?

Janet is a really good offensive rebounder. She is a very good defender and a good player. Janet is a really good addition to our team. She is more of a post player than Kerli (Haas) was. Kerli was more like a shooter.


There were so many big shots on Saturday. You stepped up in a big way during the last minutes of regulation and in the overtime.

On Saturday I did what I had to do and we succeded in the end.


Your coach supports you when you miss some shots and encourages you to continue?

Head coach is really supportive. If you miss a shot, it`s ok. My confidence is much higher than two years ago. Howard Frier is a really good coach.


How coaches split the responsibilities?

Our assistant coach Gerly makes background research about our opponents – the scouting. She is our motivator, while our head coach is doing the main things.


What do you think about the Eastern European Women`s basketball league?

I think it`s a really, really good competition for us, because there are so many good opponents. I`m very satisfied.


What are you doing in your free time?

I`m studying chemistry for master`s degree in the Tallinn University of Technology. This is my fifth year. It took three years to complete my bachelor studies and master`s studies will take another two. So, this is my last year and I`m graduating in the spring of 2016.


What to wish for you?

A lot of wins in all competitions. The next EEWBL stage will be held in Estonia, so we can improve our results. A lot of wins, so we can reach our goals.