Sheila Kodanik: It`s going to get better!

Sheila Kodanik. Photo: Andres Raudjalg

Tartu is a city of world class sport events. Tartu Maraton is one of the oldest and biggest ski marathons in the world with more than 10 000 participants. Tartu Rattamaraton is the third biggest MTB marathon in the world.


Tartu University – originally Academia Dorpatensis – is Estonia`s leading centre of research and training. Founded in 1632 by the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus, today it belongs to the top 3% of world`s best universities.


Tartu University men`s basketball team – for sponsorhip reasons named "Tartu Ülikool/Rock" – is also the most decorated basketball team in Estonia. Women`s team is currently participating in the Latvia-Estonia league and got its first victory few days ago. spoke with team`s captain Sheila Kodanik. She is also the oldest player in the league.


Mirjam Nikolai is a major addition to the team. Is she from Tartu?

She comes from Tallinn. Mirjam moved to the little town in Southern Estonia due to family reasons and that`s why she agreed to play with us. Now she has a three months old baby.


I will compare the first two seasons. First season was like jumping into the unknown and the second season was much better. How do you see it?

I think that the third season will be even better than the last one. We have new coaches and we learn new things too. It`s going to get better and better every day.


What are your goals?

We want to get bronze medal in the Estonian league and to get as high as possible in the second stage of the Latvia-Estonia league. That`s our goal.


Which teams you see as the main opponents?

The game against the University of Latvia was even. It was the same story against the Latvia U16 team and Vega 1/Liepāja. We were winning those games. We get nervous and we lost.


Are you in the same sistem with the "TÜ/Rock" basketball team?

Yes. We share the same Tartu University hall. "Rock" are black and white, we are white and blue. We are representing the Tartu University, while men`s team is supported by the beer factory. That`s why they have different colors.


How many students do you have?

Almost everyone, except me and Mirjam. Most of the players are working and studying. Two of our players are getting scholarships. The rest are working.


Season greetings are coming soon. Please, share your wishes.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our Christmas party will be together with our glorious Rock team! See you next year!