Know Your Players: Mailis Pokk - 1182 Tallinn


This season the Estonian Latvian Basketball League offers the fans a new section of the news – Know Your Player. Our goal is to introduce you to the players from different teams in order to get to know them a bit more.



This week we are able to learn more about Mailis Pokk, the player from 1182 Tallinn, last season’s Estonian Champion and Latvia Estonia Basketball League's October MVP in the season 2014/2015. 


What kind of rituals you have before the games?

I will definitely have a nap before game. After a wake up comes a small snack. Of course before game I will listen music. Right before warm up I will do individual exercises and then I will just think about the upcoming game - I'll go through all the stuff that coach told us, what we have done in practice and strengths of our opponent.


How do you motivate yourself before the games?

There are some good songs that motivate me. And also mindset "I can do".


Do you have anything you dislike about basketball?

Well, I can say that I hate this feeling after losing a game.


In your eyes, what's the difference between men's and women's basketball?

I think women's basketball is more strategic game than men's basketball where you might see more 1on1 play. And men's basketball has more show (dunking, individual skills) than women's game.


Have you done any other sports besides basketball?

At the middle school I used to do also sprinting. At that point I already played basketball but the sprinting coaches asked me to come in their practice. But I said no cause I don't like individual sports. I'm more to team sports.


Tell us something about you

I like to read a book or cook something. Also I love to spend time with my family and brothers at our countryside.


Tell us something unique that a lot of people don't know about you

I have never been out of Europe.


What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

It might not be the funniest story. I have always liked to knit and when I played in Germany, I tried to do pair of socks. One day, one of our foreign players came to me and saw this and she was amazed how cool this is. She wanted to learn also how to knit. So we bought everything what we needed for this and I thought her how to knit a scarf. It took some hours to teach her but she got it. After she went back to her dorm, she tried to do this on her own. But suddenly she messed up a little bit, so she called me. We Skyped like some more two hours (it was after the midnight). The players I lived together were laughing at us, that we are really crazy how we were knitting through the Skype. But she learned it and in two months time the scarf was ready!


What would be your favourite breakfast on Sunday morning?

Pancakes with raspberry or with blueberry jam.


Do you have anything else you would like to tell your fans?

I like a quote that WBBL Facebook page wrote one time: "Keep smiling and keep shining".


We would like to thank Mailis for sharing her interests with us! 


You can follow Mailis on Instagram @mmailis11 and on Twitter @MMailis.