Competition system

Nordea Basketball League has total of 13 teams from Estonia and Latvia on 2013/2014 season.


5 teams are from Estonia: Eclex/1182, Tallinn University, Audentes SG, Tartu University and AmEst Rapla.

8 teams are from Latvia: Riga TTT, Riga TTT juniors, SK Cesis, Vega 1/Liepaja, LU, RSU/Merks, U16 Latvian national team and a „new comer“ Kolibri Pepsi/47 vsk.


Regular season:

In the 1st round all teams will play eachother once. After that teams are divided into two groups:

Group A: places 1 - 6

Group B: places 7 - 13


In the 2nd round all teams will play eachother twice (home and away) within their group.

First four teams will advance to the Final 6. Last two teams from group A will play first two teams from group B for the 2 remainig seats in the FInal 6.


Final 6:

Takes place 4 - 6. april.

First two teams from the regular season will advance straight to the semifinals. Places 3 - 6 will play in the quarter finals.